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TV Presenter Love

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September 12th, 2004

11:55 pm
hello, i'm rachel and i love craig doyle. too much for my own good really but he's so lovely i can't help it. i really do think he looks like an irish version of kelly jones, or is that just me?
i also love colin mcallister, i don't like his boyfriend though (justin ryan, too much of a bitchy queen) just colin!
ooooh and allister appleton! he's just delightful! i used to like ben fogle until i found out he's going out with vanessa off big brother.

right, i'm starting to sound mad.



lovin this community by the way! well done.

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September 11th, 2004

11:03 pm
hello....hmmm tv presenters-i'm MAINLY a comedy whore but for presenters-louis theroux is THE man,dermot o' leary is definately up there,phil from location location location,adam from adam and joe, and at the moment i'm trying to decide if i fancy dick and dom or not, and when i was 7 i used to have a HUGE crush on timmy mallett and i had the bomballurina album and everything.thats all i can think of now,toady must sleep and whores must have their trinkets x

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08:14 pm - first post from the host

Welcome to tv_totty! My name's Lucy - I am the host of this new and earth shatteringly original LJ. 

tv_totty is a place to vent your love for TV presenters new and old. If Trevor McDonald floats your boat then so be it.  If Richard Whitely's more your thing, we can go with that.  Even if the inane winking of Ann Robinson tweaks your melon, then join us!  Any presenter, any programme, if they're totty from the tv then they should be mentioned in tv_totty!

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